FOR:AM // Obba Supa // SE010

Cover Artwork by: Aro

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Release: 08/06/2012
Medium: Vinyl/Digital

In smokey, spiritual night sessions, Obba Supa form a sample-based, unrhymed avantgardism. In doing so, Hey!Zeus on the beats and Teknical Development on the vocals, celebrating it and keeping their heads in steady motion.

For:AM coats theories on vibrating frequencies in order to reach the higher self, sexual encounter and an affinity to the consumption of weed in dirty suburban London sound. It creates an entirely unique sound structure, which perfectly follows its predecessor from the AM series – To:AM – Free: AM (released under PMC).
Stemming directly from the Obba Supa musical backdrop, it features appearances from Ray Vendetta, Bad FX and Remi, with Radimo supporting them in vocals and instruments.

Just like the last release of the AM Series from Obba Supa, it features the absolutely unique and independent sound of the Obba Supa style. This work will also make room for the solo projects of both artists. Future planned collaborations between Chakra Sounds and Sichtexot will include a Hey!Zeus solo album, an EP from Tek D and Tufu, and one more together with Figub Braclevic.

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    Es geht um Drums, es geht um Samples, es geht um Swing – und das fern ab von jedem Zwang seine Musik in irgendeiner Art und Weise steril zu glätten.





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