Anthony Drawn // Ghost in the Shell EP // with Teknical Development of Obba Supa

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The “Ghost in the Shell” EP as a teaser for the upcoming Anthony Drawn album is now available as a free download and as a stream via Bandcamp.

“The life science keeping my heart pumping” roars Teknical Developments voice out of the pad cloud created smoke screens between which his grey coloured silhouette is trying to escape in the distance, however, he is simultaniously being rebanished there again by overcompressed kick drums.

As receiving shelter from this by Anthony Drawn’s created sound atmosphere, Tek’s soul expressions appear almost disguisedly and thereby anonymous and personal at the same time. This allows the listener to draw his very own picture of „Ghost in the Shell“ in the omnipresent foggy grey.
Sina. [Belfast, IRL], Nocow [St.Petersburg, RU], Tufu [Cologne, GER], Aether [Boston, USA] and Figub Brazlevic [Berlin, GER] underlie the lyrics with their own interpretations and deliver the words from their own both profound and pathos-packed perspectives, so that different aspects of the topics dealt with are highlighted.

Covered by two new instrumentals and a song with „disgustingly“ performed raps from Loki (Luk&Fil), the „Ghost in the Shell“ EP is considered to be an appetiser for the upcoming longplayer „A Beautiful Fragile Balance“ from Anthony Drawn being released on vinyl this winter.

In addition, this release functions as the setup of the groundwork for the future cooperation of Chakra Sounds and Sichtexot, which includes the release of the Obba Supa LP coming out at the beginning of 2012 on vinyl.

“From deeper holes then in your souls, his songs bring you to places of slight uncertainties. Ghost in the shell travels from the cold, changes mind halfway through, then decides to take an unscheduled left or crazy right.

His sounds are like portals… you can travel through connecting emotionally with yourself and Mr Drawn, the man himself. Fused with sharp poisons look close and you see the difference this collaboration of sound make. No example can be made…”

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