22/01/2012 // A Beautiful Fragile Balance // Anthony Drawn (English)

Artwork by Aro.


Release: 22/01/2012 // Medium: Vinyl + Digital

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“A Beautiful Fragile Balance“ is the physical debut of the Sichtexot producer Anthony Drawn (Mainz/Germany) whose other works have already been celebrated on the newest Finest Ego compilation [PMC039] and ambient channels like 17Thumba or by the colleagues from Dark Clover Records (Origami Sound).

Originating from Anthony Drawn’s sound-painting feather, thoughts expressed in tone patterns and wounded-up in a pad-carpet immerse into the mind to pause its stimulus satiation for at least a good half an hour.

The over-compressed base-walls, thereby, do not only shield from the external surrounding, but pull the strings between deep ambient frameworks and fractionally wonky-like hammering beats to create a completely own world.
Trapped in this and blurred by melancholy, the ear is facing difficulties to identify the cutting points between the atmospherical and dub-dust-glazed sound snippets. However, the tone mosaic formed by the latter is boosting to suppress that impulse with sophisticated instrumental arrangements.

Solely Teknical Development from Obba Supa (on the single release “Ghost In The Shell“) and Joshua Keyes function as companions by emotions and speech to guide through the 13 tracks overall.

Former releases were “Some of There Behind” and “Seelenquantisierung” together with Tufu.

A Beautiful Fragile Balance LP Preview Snippet by Anthony Drawn

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