Anthony Drawn // Ghost in the Shell EP // with Teknical Development of Obba Supa

Bitte hier klicken für die deutsche Version. The “Ghost in the Shell” EP as a teaser for the upcoming Anthony Drawn album is now available as a free download and as a stream via Bandcamp. “The life science keeping my heart pumping” roars Teknical Developments voice out of the pad cloud created smoke screens between […]

Dopamine Doppelgangerz // Hey!Zeus // SE005

Für die deutsche Version bitte hier klicken. Release: 03/11/2011 Freedownload here and via stream available on Bandcamp. Spreading from London, unstoppable and unquantized sound layers infiltrate the neocortex of the zeitgeist with pure and unfiltrated wave forms and coerce its cells into an unrestrained dopamine expression. Coated in firsttakes from Radimo (saxophone and flutes) and […]

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    Es geht um Drums, es geht um Samples, es geht um Swing – und das fern ab von jedem Zwang seine Musik in irgendeiner Art und Weise steril zu glätten.





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